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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shocking Truths

Did you know that 95% of over-the-counter vitamins are petroleum by-products, or made with coal tar?

Did you know that research in 1941 by Dr. Agnes Morgan showed animals fed synthetic vitamins died more quickly of degenerative diseases or had toxic reactions to the synthetics as opposed to vitamins consumed in a whole foods diet (University of California study).

Did you know that there are iron shavings in cereal? And baby formula?

Does this sound like maybe we're being asked by companies to pay for something that's killing us?

You can see more about what's happening in the modern diet here:

And, if watching this makes you angry at the lies we've been fed and sad at what we've been consuming and feeding to our families, you can do something about it here:

And here:

Imagine giving your body what it needs, nutrition from whole food sources. And while you're doing that, you're sending nutritional supplements to a child in critical condition.

How cool is that?

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