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Monday, October 1, 2012


While no new friends were made today, today was still conquered! We moved my mother-in-law into our house (she has back issues from a 360 fusion surgery 2 years ago). "Nana" as the kids call her, watched our little princesses while my husband and I pushed up our sleeves, rented a U-haul truck and endeavored to move everything and drop off the truck in 4 hours. We were 30 minutes late, but they forgave us since they gave us 4 hours instead of the usual 6.

My husband has a gift of organization, so he did the heavy lifting (except for the giant bed, which took both of us) and tetrised it all into the truck. (I know tetris isn't a verb, but still...)

After a bit of exertion, he grounded me to sitting on the floor of the almost-empty apartment. He knows I'll push myself until it's unhealthy.

And even though it was hard and we were tired and out of energy, it was a beautiful Fall day, cool weather, a deep blue sky with no clouds and a sweet breeze.

A good day to be alive, to be healthy, to be able to help someone who needed us.

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