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Sunday, September 30, 2012

No Shortage of Needs

Today has been insane! We're all set to help my mother-in-law move, and we end up going to 3 different U-hauls due to reservation mix ups and no one having trucks!

Something really cool happened at the second one, though. My husband and I trudged back out to our car in the rain, doing our best to stay positive when we hear several plaintive little mews coming from some brambles on a fence. We walk over there and there's a tiny little furry kitten mewing at (if you're squeamish, stop reading now!) the body of it's mother which was all tangled up in the thorny bushes.

My husband hopped the fence and walked around to get the little kitten, who ran into a big pile of rocks. The U-haul guys came out to see what we were doing and I explained what happened to him. He told us the momma cat was really wild and wouldn't let anyone near her (she'd been living around there for 3 years).

The little kitten had more spunk and drive than my husband had thought, and stayed in his little hiding spot. We determined he was old enough to not need milk and strong enough to catch bugs for food until he was bigger, and we sent up a little prayer of thanks to God for taking care of him.

I hear you thinking, "What's the point of all this?"

The point is, we're at a place where we hear a little cry for help and we're there--even in the cold rain. We're there for kittens, and we're there for people. This is just how we operate, and the only reason I believe we've been successful in our endeavors.

We listen for needs, and do our best to fill them. It turned out the kitten was fine on his own, just mourning his mom. The point is, the U-haul guys walked over and were clueless of that situation, even though they'd both confessed to walking past there several times per day. That's how most people are: if it doesn't benefit or affect them, they ignore it.

That's not the mindset you can keep if you want to succeed. Let me also tell you how interested they were in the two crazy people that took the time to walk over there and figure it out. And how the young one wanted to look out for the wild little kitten.

The take-away of this crazy event: always look for a need to fill, by doing that you'll not only be different, but you'll have a richer life.


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