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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bust Your Guts

With  commercials on Activia yogurt with Jamie Lee Curtis' endorsement and billboards for Yokult popping up along major highways, the public is becoming more aware of the link between yogurt and healthy bowels. But what many people don't understand is why that link is important.

More than 70% of the body's seratonin is made in the gut. Seratonin is a brain neurotransmitter responsible for feeling calm and happy--if your gut is unhealthy, your thoughts won't be balanced. Also, more than 80% of your immune cells are made in the gut--so not only will your thoughts be hard to reel in, your health will suffer.

If you don't have the proper balance of beneficial bacteria in your bowels, also known as "probiotics", then when you are exposed to bad bacteria such as e.coli, strep or salmonella, you're more likely to succumb to the bad bacteria. When you replenish your good bacteria daily, your odds of becoming seriously ill from bad bacteria decrease.

So, take care of your guts! They're super important to your mental and physical health, and are often overlooked in whole body wellness. My kids like the GI Pro Balance sticks from Mannatech--while they've never had a pixie stick or a Fun Dip, they eat these little yogurt flavored slim sticks the same way. We just rip off the top and the kids pour it right into their mouths. I keep these and Mannabears in my purse for meltdowns--so much healthier than candy and just as effective for changing the kids' focus.

Hope you guys are enjoying this cool weather and replenishing that healthy gut flora!!!

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