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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Broken System

In America, it is recognized that our current diet and lifestyle choices (eating fast food, eating at restaurants, constant stimulation from advertisements and games and a metric ton of oxidative stress from working too much and not relaxing enough) are killing us.

Many popular doctors say all you need to do is supplement your diet, eat at home and take extra antioxidants and you'll be fine. 

Hold up. Let's address these one at a time, shall we?

Supplement Your Diet 

When you go to the doctor and he says "make sure you're getting a good multivitamin" he then tells you, usually, to go to the store and pick up a reputable brand, right? Well, there are a few problems with that. 95% of the supplements on the grocery store shelves are derived from coal tar and petroleum by-products. Most calcium supplements on the shelves have the calcium derived from limestone. I know that doesn't sound too terrible, so let me elaborate.

Most women know that when you start a higher level of calcium (like a calcium tablet or even chewable), you can become constipated, right? So the doctor tells you to pick up some magnesium citrate (a fancy word for a petroleum derivative that has been treated with citric acid to be more easily absorbed by your body). Well, that takes you from not being able to poop, to not being able to stop! And if we take a moment to appreciate the fact that 80% of your immune cells are made from your gut, you can begin to appreciate how vital intestinal health is to overall health. So when you're trying to add healthy things to your body by adding the above two minerals, you could actually be harming yourself.

Have you ever become constipated from spinach? No? How about almonds? Broccoli? Oh, celery? None of the above? These are natural, vegetable sources of calcium. Do you understand that it isn't the calcium causing the gut issues?

Which leads us to the next issue, the junk in our diet.

Eating at Home

This no longer means what it used to mean. A hundred years ago, eating at home meant eating food that you'd raised and slaughtered yourself, more than likely. If not, someone you knew did it for you. Local homesteads--a quaint term for a suburban farm--would raise some chickens and grow vegetables to give to the grocery store, to supplement if farmer's couldn't meet the demands in a humane manner.

All of that's been thrown out the window. Even chicken meat that you buy at your local health-conscious store that says "free range" has arsenic in it. Yes, arsenic--they add it to the chicken feed to plump up the chickens. They're supposed to remove it before the last feed, but you know, the extra pounds mean extra profits, who cares if anyone dies. How do I know? Someone I trust with my life got arsenic poisoning from *drum roll* chicken meat. And he was informed of how it got there by a highly ranked scientist at a nationally renowned laboratory.

And most people are familiar with the "Dirty Dozen"--the foods that have a higher than normal amount of pesticides that should be purchased organically (and still washed-- E. Coli isn't a pesticide and doesn't care if your strawberries are organic!)

My point being--fast food isn't food, but what we're getting at the grocery store isn't much better. It doesn't matter if you shop the perimeter, there's something really wrong with children getting cadmium toxicity from iceburg lettuce, adults and children becoming gluten and casein intolerant, the staggering amount of Americans with gut issues and the rising amount of anaphylactic allergies to fruits and vegetables (I had one of those myself to kiwis). 

So if we can't trust our fruits and veggies, how are we supposed to get our antioxidants?

Take Extra Antioxidants

And the last suggestion to combat common health issues is to take in extra antioxidants. Some antioxidants are vitamins, like Vitamin E or C. Some antioxidants are berries that are high in cyanins like blueberries, nutrients found in green tea, bioflavenoids in vegetable skins and other nutrients such as resveratol in red wine. 

Some people take in extra antioxidants by juicing--which is great, if you are using food you grew yourself and harvested organically, and if it is mostly vegetables. Most people can't stand the taste, so they just juice fruit, which gives them an enormous amount of fructose (fruit sugar) without any fiber to balance it in the body. Then they get fat. And angry. This isn't to say juicing is a bad idea, just that most people don't do it in a healthy manner.

Another way people take in antioxidants is from an antioxidant drink. There are several brand names out in the marketplace that boast having a very high antioxidant level. If you check the label, you'll find either that it is mostly sugar, contains very unhealthy ingredients or is made up of mostly synthetics (for example, d-alpha tocopherol, which we've discussed previously, is not Vitamin E). 

What Can You Do About It?

I don't know about you, but when I found out about all of this stuff, I despaired  I thought, "man, no matter what I give my family, it's going to hurt them. Supplements are bad, the food is bad, the air quality sucks, there's poisonous stuff in the water--maybe I should give up on trying to keep us healthy. Maybe the best we can do is pray not to get heart disease or cancer."

Well, that's a crappy attitude. There is something you can do. Mannatech has developed a line of products that are plant based and hydroponically grown--meaning they control the nutrients the plants receive,  the air quality where they're being grown and the processing to ensure the maximum amount of nutrients in each supplement, which is then proven to be effective in their state of the art analytic chemistry lab. That's good nutrition that won't harm when it's supposed to help heal.

There is a new product out now called Nutriverus. It's the culmination of 18 years of research and over $2 million in research and development. And now, it's less than $60 USD. Not only that, but there's a way to get it for free (e-mail me and I'll hook you up).

NOT ONLY CAN YOU GET IT FOR FREE, but for every auto-order, a months supply of this nutrient-rich, plant-based, real food technology solution is sent to a child in critical condition from malnourishment.

So, you save yourself.

You save your family.

You save the economy.

You save malnourished children in critical condition.

You save money.

What in the world do you have to lose?

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