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Monday, September 24, 2012

Have You GIVEN lately?

Well, have you? I'm asking this because of the amazing amount of extra stuff I've had around my house. Extra clothes, extra canned goods, extra paper, extra seeds (for the garden). And once you wake up, and you look around, all of those excuses as to why you can't help donate to X charity or how sad you are about your financial situation become empty.

Most of the world lives on less than $10 per day.

The relief that the US sends to foreign aid is white rice, flour and dehydrated beans--dead foods that have to be enriched to even contain any nutritive value.

Meanwhile, you refuse to look into how you can change the world and decide instead you need to put a $799 flat screen LCD television on a credit card because "you can't see the screen" on your current T.V.


How about next week, instead of spending $4 on morning coffee and $10 on lunch, you take that $70 from ONE WEEK and apply it to a nutritional product that not only nourishes you and your family, but also sends plant-based nourishment to an underprivileged part of the world?

That's literally all it would take. See for yourself:

As an aside, I donated all of my extra clothes to charity, food to a community food bank and garden seeds to the local community garden. I want to make a difference in my home as well as around the globe.

Are you inspired? Have you had similar experiences? Tell me more in a comment! :)


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