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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Get Motivated!


How do you keep yourself from getting beaten down by the world? How to you stop your mind from putting you down when you mess up?

Well, remember that saying "you are what you eat?" You are also what you think about and what you take in. Meaning, if all you do is listen to music where the artists complain about life and make fun of people, that's the tape that will play in you're head all day. Or if you just read romance novels, that pining and feeling of emotional entanglement will be in your head and will manifest in your life.

But if you make an investment of maybe 10-15 minutes to read something that inspires you and motivates you to perform tasks that make you a happier, healthier person--what do you think will happen?

That will be your outlook, of course!

Our thoughts are treasures. We're supposed to guard them from negativity, and build ourselves up so we can help ourselves and help other's around us.

What is your favorite way to motivate yourself? Audio, video, books, YouTube, face-to-face seminars, phone calls? Comment below!


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