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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Food, Family and Craziness

Hey guys,

This week was nuts! I hope all of you were able to go out there, crush your goals and live your lives with an impact. I've been modifying my diet with more legumes and seeing really awesome results--all post more about that another time! HIIT and low GI foods seem to put my metabolism into some kind of sweet spot.

Who else is excited about Thanksgiving? My favorite Thanksgiving challenge is taking our traditional foods and making them healthier. You're still going to stuff yourself silly, why not make it with healthy things so you can walk afterwards, right? :) Last year, I did a low carb Thanksgiving fest for my dad, who had to change his diet to get on top of his borderline diabetes diagnosis. The food was delicious and we all had a great time. This year, I can't wait to kick it up another notch with a healthy dinner and Minute to Win It games! If we do any really crazy stuff, I'll be sure to share. ;)

I'm staying strong with my resolution to not condemn, criticize or complain. Sometimes it's hard, and often I mess up, but the results of staying positive far outweigh any temporary relief from blabbling about my problems.

I hope all of you have an awesome weekend and an even better Thanksgiving Holiday! Don't be shy to e-mail me those prayer requests.



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