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Friday, September 28, 2012

Presentations Part 2

Hey guys,

I am pumped today! I make a goal for myself of 10 calls daily, and today I was on fire. Plus, I had 4 presentations back to back, which always gets me excited about meeting new people and sharing my dreams.

Anyway, today is about how to give an effective presentation. The first tip I can give you is: TAILOR IT TO YOUR AUDIENCE!!! What does that mean? Well, if I am going to speak to a doctor, I would bring slightly more technical information because they're more likely to be interested in that sort of thing. If I brought a 28 page scientific article on glyco-proteins to a beauty salon owner, do you think she'd get pumped? No! She'd probably find it interesting, but she might not see how that applies to her, specifically. Instead, I'd bring something that talks about how my company's products can help give people clear skin or something that is relevant to her.

The second best piece of advice I can give you is to keep things clean and simple. Don't convolute the conversation by jumping in with a bunch of facts or input because that's not your objective. Your objective in this business is to build relationships with people. It's to get to know them, to ask them what they're interested in, to find out about their goals and dreams. Let the person you're presenting to tell you why they decided to meet with you, what their life is currently like, what their hobbies are. It might seem weird to do this at first. You're gut reaction will be "get in, blurt out message, get out." But that's not why you're there. If you build rapport with them and cultivate a relationship, they might not want what you have right then, but you'll be the one they call when they do.

And the third best advice is not really about the presentation itself, but it is still important: follow up soon to see what they think. Don't be weird or aggressive, genuinely care about the person and ask for their honest opinion.

Think about how many people you run into that don't care about their jobs, that go through the motions, asking you if you need help but not making eye contact with you when they say it, the unhappiness they feel with their position in life just radiating off of them...

Now think about how different it would be if that same person came up to you--warmly, not with a hidden agenda, struck up a conversation, remembered you when you came back, always had a kind word to say, was interested in you as a person and not in your wallet, rejoiced over what you two had in common, asked about your family...

Think about those two scenarios, and about which one you'd want to do business with. Carry that image with you where ever you go and interact as that positive, loving person when you're with other people.

Hope this blessed you,


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